Welcome to HYMI, where we see the beauty in the journey of each gemstone and the unique stories of every person. Here, every "Hi, Me" is an acknowledgment of your own unique path and every piece of jewelry a symbol of your distinct identity in this diverse tapestry of life.


At HYMI, we cherish the profound truth that no two gemstones are exactly alike, just as no two individuals share the same story. This understanding is woven into the fabric of our brand's philosophy — "Hi, Me," a greeting that celebrates the individual's journey and uniqueness. Each gemstone, brought to the surface from the depths of the earth, carries its own history, shaped by time and the elements. Similarly, every person is a collection of unique experiences and stories, each adding layers to their distinct identity. At HYMI, we honor the parallel between the earth's gems and human lives, recognizing the beauty and individuality in both. Our jewelry is crafted to echo this sentiment, connecting the wearer not just to a piece of the earth's legacy but also to their personal narrative. We believe that just as every gemstone has a unique journey from darkness to light, every individual has their own path that leads them to shine in their unique way. HYMI is a celebration of these individual journeys and the distinct beauty they bring to the world. From California, we invite you to join us in this celebration, finding and embracing your unique piece of the earth's story.


Our Mission Statement- Celebrating Uniqueness, Embracing Nature                      At HYMI, our mission is to celebrate the unique journey of each individual through the art of jewelry. Starting with our current collection of styles, which includes mostly timeless basics, we are on a path to fully embrace the allure of natural gemstones. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between personal expression and the natural world, crafting pieces that resonate with the individuality and essence of our customers. We believe in the power of natural beauty and its ability to tell stories, connect us to the earth, and reflect our unique identities. As we move forward, our goal is to deepen this connection, offering a collection that not only celebrates personal style but also honors the environment from which we draw our inspiration.


 Minimizing our environmental impact on the mother planet is an ongoing journey for HYMI. As of 2024, we incorporate recyclable materials, FSC-certified paper and carton boxes for our packaging. We are proud to have achieved almost 1oo% plastic-free packaging! Stay tuned for further updates on our continued progress towards sustainability.